Monday, January 27, 2014

The current state of being transgender

Transgender rights are very important.

As an example, see this survey. I'd encourage anyone to read it, but I'll quote here a few of the things that hit me the most. From a sample of 6450 transgender people (the prevalence is expected to be about 1 in 1000 or so):

57% of transgender individuals experience significant family rejection. This is one of the biggest factors in determining success, as:

51% of those who are rejected by their families attempt suicide, and 31% of those who are supported by their families attempt suicide.

26% experience homelessness (homelessness leaving them highly vulnerable to public mistreatment) vs. 9%.

32% used drugs or alcohol to cope with mistreatment vs. 19%.


Family rejection aside, there are still very difficult situations people are put in due to the way our culture treats transgender people.

90% reported some form of harassment at work or hiding who they are to prevent it.

47% lost a job or a promotion because of being transgender, even though 78% still report that after transitioning they felt more comfortable at work and their job performance improved, despite high levels of mistreatment.

For those who have been incarcerated (19% of all transgender people that aren't accepted by their families and 11% of those that are), 16% report that they have been physically assaulted in jail, and 15% report being sexually assaulted in jail.

This is probably the most severe problem here besides attempted suicides, read it again.

22% report receiving harassment by police (higher rates than African Americans),

19% were refused medical care due to being transgender,

50% have to teach their healthcare providers about transgender care, and

41% report having ID that doesn't match their gender identity, even while 40% of those that presented in-congruent ID with gender presentation reported being harassed, 3% report being attacked or assaulted, and 15% report being asked to leave.

We have lot of work to do, as individuals and society as a whole.

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