Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Same-Sex Marriage

I guess it would eventually be helpful to throw my opinion about Same-Sex Marriage out there.

First I'd like to say that, for what it's worth, I'm an unmarried SSA MtF trans* person that has pretty much never been in a relationship. So I'm speaking completely outside my field of expertise.

Recently, The LDS Church and 4 other major religious organizations filed this brief collectively to The United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.

Though I disagree with some of it, I think the conclusion is worth quoting:
Marriage, understood as the union of one man and one woman, remains a vital and foundational institution of civil society. The government’s interests in continuing to encourage and support marriage are not merely legitimate but compelling.

No other institution joins together two persons with the natural ability to create children for the purpose of maximizing the welfare of such children. No other institution strives to ensure that children have the opportunity of feeling a sense of security and being raised in a stable household by the mother and father who conceived them.

Undermining the husband-wife marital institution by redefining it to include same-sex couples will, in the long term, harm vital child-welfare interests that only the husband wife definition can secure. The result will be more mothers and fathers concluding that the highest end of marriage is not the welfare of their children but the advancement of their own life choices.

We know, from personal experience over numerous decades of ministering to families and children, that more focus on satisfying adult needs will not benefit vulnerable children. The societal ills caused by the deterioration of husband-wife marriage will only be aggravated if the State cannot reserve to marriage its historic and socially vital meaning.
[paragraph separation added - this was all one paragraph]

I think the continued decrease of focus on children in marriage is one of the most harmful things society has done to date. I don't mean to say marriage is only about children (because there are certainly other positive things that can come of it), but I do feel that the protection and welfare of children - the third, innocent party in marriage - needs to be much more seriously considered. I know too many children that have struggled with divorce of their own parents, my mum and closest friend included. This isn't to say divorce should never happen of course either because there's certainly cases where it's rather necessary, but just that any definitions of marriage that try to define it as

"A mutual cooperation between two parties to be terminated at any time"

Is a very bad idea. We are dealing with peoples lives here.

Along with that, though I feel like temple marriages will only ever be between a man and a women (because of religious beliefs that are valid in that religious context), I do feel that it would be helpful to give same-sex marriages the same rights (tax deductions, housing benefits, etc.) that opposite-sex couples have. Even to the point as redefining marriage as between any two parties. Because I do feel that there are some terrible opposite-sex and same-sex parents: say, that abuse their children. There are also some fantastic loving same-sex and opposite-sex parents, I'd include my wonderful (opposite-sex) parents among them.

Mostly I think children deserve to be born into a loving household, even if they have to be adopted, or come from single or same-sex parents. That loving biological opposite-sex parents are probably ideal, but this world being imperfect allows for other adapted circumstances to work as well.

So that's why I feel like Same-Sex Marriage rights should only be promoted while also having an increased emphasis on the importance of children in marriage. Because they're really the relevant party.

My two cents.

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