Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I tried makeup for the first time today. Another MtF trans person gave me the "color theory" - dark colors make things seem smaller and more indented (bring focus away from them), light colors bring focus to things and thus makes them seem bigger (I think is the idea).

So generally for guys we have more indented eyes than girls, so a lighter eyeliner helps (to bring out the eyes). That's all I did (white eyeliner), and it wasn't that noticeable unless you were paying attention, but I was told "you look, like, just better" so lol I think that's a good thing. I'd totally agree it makes me more passable (though I'm still pretty iffy on that), which is nice.

Also, basically Decker and Tavi are my heros.

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  1. No wonder you haven’t been feeling feminine! I look and feel like a troll without makeup—or at least like a guy. ;-)