Monday, December 8, 2014


A lot has happened recently. I don't have time to go through everything in detail, so I will do so later when I get the chance, but long story short:

Increased dosage of hormones triggered bipolar in a similar way that my meds last July did.

This ended up causing me to be very suicidal and so I ended up in a psych ward on thanksgiving day. (but I'm thankful that my visit there was helpful?)

They found that treating my depression with an antidepressant (to further cause bipolar) and then treating the bipolar with a mood stabilizer works pretty well.

I'm happy that we may have finally found a good med combo after a year and a half of trying different things, and have been more productive/active in doing things than pretty much any other time in a while.

I got out of there last Tuesday.

I went on a my first gay date with a girl on Thursday.

I may have found a job that is more than very very part time (my janitor job averages a little less than $100 a month).

I struggle a lot with my testimony, and am meeting with my Bishop today.

I will hopefully be starting school next semester and am registered for classes.

There were able to refund my tuition back to my scholarship people, and I was able to keep my scholarship, and it looks like they will also be able to refund fees which is nice since they're like $600.

I am meeting with a professor and a friend to study upper-level undergraduate/graduate-level math and it's been really fun so far.

I've been learning music theory whenever I have some free time because I would like to get into music composition and I also joined a (very small) LGBT choir. Also I can't sing.

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  1. Yikes, you've had a roller-coaster life since the last time we talked! I'm glad you're on a better med regimen now; I hope it works well for you long-term. Glad to hear about positive progress on the social, job, and school fronts too. As for the spiritual, I hope you follow your heart, and may God find you there. <3